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"I work in the Human Resources Office at a public university. I serve as the liaison between our international employees and the Law Offices of James Eiss for purposes of immigration needs. We use The Law Offices of James D. Eiss for TN visa's, H1-B visas, PERM, and B-1 Visitor Visas. We also consult with them on a number of other issues that are handled in house to include J and F visas, OPT, and most recently a new hire with a G visa. I have also personally used them for my husband's immigration case as he is a foreign national himself.

My experience with The Law Offices of James D. Eiss has been phenomenal. When I first became the liaison for immigration needs I had no background in employment or student visas, or any of the cumbersome regulations that go along with them. When I first started working with Eiss's Office my questions didn't stop. I am the type of person who doesn't just want to go through the motions, but wants to understand why we're going through the motions. The staff at Eiss's Office was, and still is, so patient with me and incredibly helpful with all of my inquiries. Never once did I get a response of “you don't need to know those details, we're the lawyers let us do our jobs”. It was always “that's a great question, let me explain to help you better understand”. Never once did I make a phone call that wasn't either answered on the spot or returned incredibly promptly, and never once did I have an e-mail ignored. I ALWAYS have access to the 2 attorneys in the office if I want to speak to or e-mail one of them, and on the same token if I need one of the paralegals or legal assistants without speaking to one of the attorneys, I have unlimited access to them too.

The staff at the Law Offices of James D. Eiss is always current on the ever changing immigration regulations. I never have to worry that the advice I get is incorrect because they missed the latest update. They are kind and professional and have a real passion for the business they do. They understand the anxiety that can go along with immigration and the ultimate joy that can be had at the end of a job well done. Their ethics are beyond compare. You will never find a more honest practice."

– Anonymous

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