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Immigration law is composed of statutes, regulations, case law and non-binding agency guidance. The primary statute with which we deal as immigration attorneys is the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The regulations we reference are all included in various volumes of the Code of Federal Regulations (“CFR”). We primarily use 8 CFR, which is USCIS regulations; 20 CFR, which is Department of Labor regulations; and 22 CFR, which is Department of State regulations.

In addition, we cite to precedent decisions by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO).

Finally, the various federal agencies with which we deal provide frequent administrative guidance which is not binding but which governs their internal policies.

By providing you with the latest immigration legal news, we hope to offer practical insights into the ways various legal provisions are being construed by the government.

The Basics of Applying for Citizenship

Posted by Emilie (Ronald) Gough | Jul 26, 2023 | 0 Comments

Applying for United States citizenship is a huge milestone in the immigration process. Once you become a US citizen, you are able to vote, obtain a US passport, serve on juries, apply for federal jobs, obtain certain government benefits, and even become an elected official. US citizens are also e...

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